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Our handmade hammocks are crafted by the Suazo family in Nicaragua. They have produced quality hammocks in Masaya for generations using only the best cotton, allergy-free dyes, and regional wood.

We have the privilege to bring you the finest hammock product available in the worldwide marketplace.

All our Hammocks can be used either indoors or outdoors. They fit 2 people and hold up to an estimated 450 pounds. You will find them in beautiful, tasteful colors to match your mood or home decor! Each hammock is guaranteed authentic.

Whether it's just for rest, nap or a longer drift to sweet dreams, MasayaWoven hammocks are your premium choice.10313059_826372354104192_826399287485182

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Please read our legal notice  and care page for recommendations and tips on how to take care of your hammock.
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