Caring for your Hammock

Rule 1

Cotton hammocks should be kept clean and can easily be washed using small amounts of regular detergent.  Just gently scrub the fabric against itself and rinse with a water hose. Let the hammock air dry. Do not hang to dry in a manner that would stretch the cotton. Try not to get the wooden bars wet.

Rule 2

If you are using it outdoors, it is best to keep your hammock out of direct sunlight to prevent the beautiful dyes from fading.

Rule 3

Keep your hammock out of the rain,  excessive moisture will rot the cotton. Store with any type of severe weather.  Your hammock can last years if well taken care of

and we are not responsible for damage caused by nature or lack of care.

Rule 4

You are fully responsible for using, hanging and care of this product we hold no liability.